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Achieve Food Allergy Confidence!


Have you or your child just been diagnosed with a food allergy?

Are you unsure of how to best manage food allergies in your life and for your family?

Are you unsure what to do first and where to turn for information?

Do you need help getting your school, camp, family and friends, and your “village” to get “it” and truly understand? 

Are you sad/mad/frustrated by your food allergy?

Are you overwhelmed by so much information that you are having a difficult time sorting it all out?

Do you/your child feel restricted and deprived because of your/your child’s food allergy?

Enjoy A Complimentary Coaching Session!



We will discuss how the coaching process works and the benefits of working together. In addition I will get you started with some practical advice and resources.


Do you want to achieve Food Allergy Confidence?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above questions, you should consider Food Allergy Coaching. You will develop a strong level of comfort and confidence in handling ALL aspects of life with food allergies.  You will gain control and reduce your frustration, anger and anxieties about living with food allergies. 

Sandi’s decision to become a food allergy coach stems from discovering her son Zachary’s food allergies. Read more about her story and how it shaped her career. 

Sandi’s services are designed to provide a safe and comfortable plan for handling food allergies that work for you, your family and your lifestyle.

Sandi has helped many cope with food allergies and the resulting issues they often bring throughout life. Hear from Sandi’s clients!