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“Sandi Kornblum is by far the best person to speak to regarding food allergies. She is level headed, organized, articulate and warm. She finds solutions to problems that most don’t and can collaborate with anyone for a smooth efficient workable plan. Her empathy chip is above normal and I would recommend her to anyone searching for answers in how to live with food allergies.”

Greenwich, CT

“Our family was struggling to navigate living with my son’s multiple food allergies. With multiple anaphylactic reactions we all always had his safety on our minds. I was fortunate to meet Sandi during a presentation she made to the Food Allergy & Asthma Support Group of North Jersey and immediately connected with her. Up until meeting Sandi, I’d always say if only we didn’t need to leave our house life would be easier. However, as our son (now 10 years old) began to become more involved with school and activities we were having lots of challenges with keeping him safe and how to tackle. Sandi gave us simple straightforward direction to take each challenge step-by-step and enable us to do more while keeping our son safe. Sandi’s a great knowledgeable resource because she’s lived through it herself and our family wouldn’t be as active as we are today if it wasn’t for her support.”

Bill & Janine
Westfield, NJ

“At each stage of independence for our son with nut allergies my husband and I were very stressed.  First, how do we prepare our family members and our nanny/sitter and help them to understand the seriousness of the situation, our desires regarding food made in a facility/on shared equipment, how to make the same judgement calls we would make as to what is safe at restaurants or from grocery stores, and how to address the various levels of reaction our son might experience.  After that it was how to choose a safe preschool and get the message across to its staff.  Then how to address birthday parties in school and (scarier still) drop off parties at a children’s party event center.  And, most recently, how to engage with a school administration that had multiple staff members completely disregarding the school’s own policies on food allergies.  At all stages we talked with Sandi.  She instantly connected with our situation as a mother of a child just a bit older than ours with food allergies.  Sandi helped us engage with family, school officials and others in a collaborative, fact-based, thoughtful and constructive manner.  Now that we are looking at camp options for our older son and our younger twins (one of whom also has food allergies), we look forward to touching base with Sandi to incorporate best practices from her research and experience into this next stage of independence.  I can’t overstate how valuable our relationship with Sandi has been.”

Chicago, IL

“When our three year old daughter was diagnosed with a severe allergy to tree nuts, with risk of anaphylactic shock, we immediately turned to Sandi. With both compassion and efficiency, Sandi helped us find appropriate medical resources and coached us, as parents, to ask the right questions and receive the right kind of data. She then worked with us to establish guidelines and policies for food coming into our home and foods that would be consumed out of the house. Our daughter is now ten and Sandi continues to serve as a resource for our whole family.“

Pam and David
Stamford, CT

“I am a mother of a multiple food allergic 10 year old child and the facilitator of the Food Allergy and Asthma Support Group of North Jersey. Sandi spoke to our support group and I only wish I found her when my daughter was diagnosed with multiple food allergies as an infant. Sandi’s common sense to food allergy management is what food allergic parents need to live complete lives for their families. Sandi is an expert in dealing with schools, restaurants, airlines, and travel, and labeling.   I recommend her services to any parent of a food allergic child who want to employ their children and themselves with the tools they need live a safe life while they manage their food allergies.”

Lisa Giuriceo
Food Allergy and Asthma Support Group of North Jersey

“When my husband and I first learned of our son Peter’s peanut and tree nut allergy, we were sad and overwhelmed. Three different physicians gave us so much information in the beginning that it was difficult to figure out where and how to begin making our house safe for our son. It was extremely comforting speaking with Sandi. She helped us navigate our way through. Sandi’s warm and informative approach helped give us confidence as we started on the challenging journey ahead of us.”

Hillsborough, NJ